Sunday, January 17, 2010

We are finally ready for the next craft night. The holidays were crazy, like always but wonderful. The next craft night will be Wed. February 17th. Come as early as 6pm. We will be doing a kitchen menu board it is magnet board up top and a chalk board on the board. I did my to say MENU and Grocery List but you can have it say what you want. It comes with one magnet, I made mine a flower (we'll have a few different options for you). measures 12" x 18" it is $20.

Next is the count down to Birthday and count down to Christmas board. If you want to customize it on the top of the birthday side you can use a chalkboard vinyl and have it say count down and then in chalk you can change what you are counting down to (vacation, birthday, school, etc). It measures 12" x 12" flips over to count down birthdays and Christmas. comes with 1 magnet. $22

We will also be doing so spring and Easter boards. Hippity Hoppety and Hot Chicks Here boards are $8. Jesus is Risen, the greastest story ever told board is $12. Its Easter, go ahead and put all your eggs in one basket board is $14. Also if you want to do any of the crafts we have done before you can still do those. Just email us what you want to do at

Your order needs to be turned into us by Friday, Feb. 12th. so we can have the materials all ready for you to come and put it together.

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